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Housing For Graduate Students & Students With Families

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student who is married with or without children, or a single graduate student, chances are you’re looking for housing that offers independence, as well as access to a community of fellow Fuller students. Fuller Seminary Housing provides a solution for you through student housing that is provided all year long, and is not dormitory living. Please note that we operate through a 6 month lease, and are a separate auxiliary entity with an accounting system unique to Fuller Housing. Any financial transactions, contracts, or financial aid payments received by Student Financial Services do not fulfill financial obligations to Fuller Housing.
We highly encourage all prospective students to apply to Fuller Housing immediately, even if you are not yet accepted! The earlier you start the housing process, the better your prospects are of receiving an offer.

Fuller Housing offer two types of living situations for students and their families; traditional apartment complexes and intentional communities. For more information, please visit our Housing website at

If you do not hear from us within 4-6 weeks before the earliest pay by date that you indicated on your application, please contact us!

**Pleas note that MAGL students are not eligible for student housing.